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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers will not be used for any purpose other than that for which the information was provided, without the consent of the customer. However, we may use the collected access information as statistical data that cannot be used to identify individuals, and use it only internally to maintain and manage this website and to provide better services.

Privacy Policy in Career Activities

This Recruitment Privacy Policy sets out how Innovative Space Carrier Inc. ("ISC") handles personal information that it obtains about applicants in the course of its recruitment activities. By providing personal information during or in connection with the recruitment process, you consent to ISC collecting, using, transferring, retaining, and sharing such information with third parties in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

1. Scope of Personal Information Obtained and Used
"Personal information" in this policy refers to information obtained by ISC through its career activities, regardless of the medium or manner in which it is obtained.
When applying to ISC, applicants will be asked to provide the following personal information, either online or offline A cover letter, resume, or curriculum vitae that includes name, telephone number, e-mail address, names of references (if any), education, employment history, contact information, relevant certifications held, and the position for which you wish to apply.
As the selection process proceeds, ISC may collect information such as transcripts, character references and related information, as appropriate. ISC may also collect information from third parties in connection with academic background, work history, and character references, etc. ISC's website may use cookies and other electronic communication protocols.

2. Persons who use and control personal information
Personal information obtained from the ISC website
The person who uses and controls personal information obtained from the ISC website is ISC. Authorized persons within ISC may use such information for the purposes described in "3. Purpose of Use" below.

Personal information obtained from sources other than the ISC website
The person who uses and manages personal information obtained directly from applicants and personal information obtained from sources other than the ISC website is the ISC that obtained such personal information.

3. Purpose of use
ISC will use applicants' basic information, selection information, and history information for the following purposes:
(a) To evaluate applicants' qualifications
(b) To provide applicants with information about other employment opportunities
(c) To contact and respond to applicants regarding their applications
(d) To verify information held about applicants who have previously applied to ISC
(e) To manage the applicant pool
(f) To diagnose technical problems
Applicants who are offered employment by ISC will be provided with a separate privacy policy that sets forth how their personal information will be used as they begin employment.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
ISC may disclose applicants' personal information to third parties in the following circumstances ISC may disclose applicants' personal information to third parties in the following cases

In the event of outsourcing
When ISC outsources applicants' personal information to domestic or foreign suppliers in the course of recruiting. This includes, for example, when ISC outsources recruitment surveys conducted by ISC in accordance with applicable laws. This also includes cases in which ISC outsources a part of its recruitment activities to external recruitment agents.

For legal reasons
to comply with applicable laws, to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations, or to respond to inquiries or requests from regulatory authorities.

In other cases
as permitted by applicable law, in connection with a corporate restructuring, sale or transfer of assets, merger, demerger, or other transaction involving a change in ISC's financial condition, to a party or prospective party to such transaction.

These disclosure recipients may include countries whose privacy laws do not provide an adequate level of protection. In such cases, ISC will require that personal information disclosed to the recipient be appropriately protected in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

5. Security Control Measures
ISC recognizes that personal information obtained from applicants is information that requires special consideration and will, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations ISC takes appropriate technical and organizational security control measures to prevent unauthorized, accidental, or unlawful access to, loss, alteration, and disclosure of personal information.

6. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information
Applicants have the right to access their personal information to the extent permitted by applicable law.The ISC acknowledges that applicants have the right to request correction or erasure of their personal information from the ISC to the extent required by applicable law. Applicants may also object to the processing of their personal information if they have legitimate and authorized reasons.The ISC will retain the personal information of rejected applicants in accordance with applicable law. The ISC will retain statistical information about applicants to assist in its recruitment activities.

7. Contact
If you have any questions about this policy or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us at

Recruitment Manager, ISC Administration Department