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Principal Researcher Shoyama contributed to "Monthly Tribology"

April 10th, 2024 by admin_innovative

Innovative Space Carrier Inc.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO; Kojiro Hatada) is "a world where people and cargo are delivered every day. The vision of the start-up company is to realize a transportation system that makes space possible. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, reusable) is a start-up company that aims to realize a transportation system that makes space possible.

We are pleased to announce that our principal researcher, Tadayoshi Shoyama, has contributed to the April issue of Tribology Monthly (special issue on "Bearing Technology").

Tribology Monthly is a technical journal on tribology (lubrication, friction, and wear) related technologies, first published in 1987. We have contributed an article to the April 2024 issue on the topic of "Technological Trends in Plain Bearings for Reusable Space Rocket Development.

Author Chief Researcher Tadayoshi Shoyama
Graduated from the University of Tokyo (Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering). Engaged in research and development of Epsilon rocket and observation rocket at IHI Aerospace and air conditioner at Panasonic Corporation. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)Received the Best Paper Award. Visiting researcher at Chiba Institute of Technology.

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Tribology Monthly April 2024