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CBO Shimada appeared on Fm yokohama "RADIO LINK

June 03, 2024 by admin_innovative

Keiichiro Shimada, Chief Business Officer, CBO, appeared on Fm yokohama's "ALFALINK presents RADIO LINK" broadcast on June 2, 2024.

RADIO LINK is a program about "logistics."
On June 2, "Delivering People and Cargo to Space! Topics in the Space Transportation Business", the program introduced transportation to space, space travel, and next-generation spaceports (NSP).

The broadcast content can be viewed on the official website of "ALFALINK presents RADIO LINK".

Program name: Fm yokohama "ALFALINK presents RADIO LINK"
Broadcast date: June 2, 2024
Program website:
Radiko: /#! /ts/YFM/20240602123000 (available until June 4)

For more information on the Next Generation Spaceport, please see this press release.
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